Texting and Driving versus Drinking and Driving

Distracted Driving: Is that Driver Drunk or Just on their Phone?

Imagine the following scenario: you are driving down the interstate after a hard day of work when the car in front of you nonchalantly veers into your lane causing you to slam on the brakes and honk your horn.

In turn, the car behind you slams on their brakes and honks at you. This of course upsets you even more, so you speed up to give the original troublemaker a stern staring and possibly another loud honking.

As you glance across your window into their car you see a person talking on their cell phone who seemingly has not a clue what just happened. For most of us who commute, this scenario occurs frequently.Read More

The Compassion Connection

For various reasons unrelated to lawyering, I recently read a book called “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain” by Sharon Begley. The book describes how the science of neuroplasticity reveals our extraordinary potential to transform ourselves. I am sharing with you portions of that book that struck me as profoundly related to us as lawyers in 1. the notion that we are not bound by our DNA; 2. the mindfulness that we need to be present in what we do; and 3. our job of finding the compassion in our jurors. I am not providing footnotes or citations to the studies mentioned in this article. Should you wish further exploration, I highly recommend the book.
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