Texas Juries

Are Texas Juries being kept in the Dark about Insurance?

In personal injury lawsuits, the fact finder is supposed to determine whether the defendant is liable to the plaintiff. There are two types of trials: bench trials, and jury trial.

During a jury trial, the Judge informs the jury about the law, and the jury is supposed to take all of the information that they learn at trial and apply the law to the facts.

Lawyers and clients want to use every available avenue they can to persuade the jury to rule in their favor. As such, lawyers like to present juries with all the relevant information during the trial. It would make sense for all of the relevant facts to be disclosed to the jury. However, sometimes lawyers are prevented from disclosing certain facts to the jury. Thus, some people argue that Texas juries are left in the dark during the trial.Read More

Tips for Safe Holiday Commute

Home for the Holidays: 8 Tips for a Safer Holiday Commute

Why are more people traveling this year?

Marshall Doney, the president of AAA, cites rising incomes and low gas prices as the reason why more Americans plan to travel to celebrate Christmas and New Years in 2016. Most of these holiday travelers will commute to their destination by motor vehicle. In fact, AAA estimates that 93.6 million people will take a road trip this holiday season. This is an increase of 1.5% from last year.Read More

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Liability Actions in Texas

One of the reasons we place our loved ones in nursing homes or assisted living facilities is because we believe that the caregivers at these facilities can better provide for the needs of our aging loved ones. Often the decision to place an aging loved one in a nursing home comes with fears about whether our loved ones are receiving the necessary care they need to live happy, healthy lives.Read More

Water Park and Amusement Park Injuries

Can I Sue for Injuries at a Water Park or Amusement Park?

Water Park Personal Injury Cases

There are many family-centered attractions in Dallas and Fort Worth. Often families visit local water parks in order to escape the Texas heat. Unfortunately, these days of family fun can turn tragic in a split second. For example, ten-year-old Caleb Schwab was killed as a result of a neck injury on a water slide at a water park in Kansas City. The sad reality is that these water park injuries could often be prevented. Read More