Civil Rights Lawyers

As Americans, we are fortunate to have certain civil rights that cannot be taken away from us. The knowledge that all men are created equal is nothing new. Educating citizens about their civil rights and ensuring that they remain firmly protected is often challenging.

There are moments in our lives when an employer, friend, or family member may attempt to infringe on our civil rights.

Perhaps a coach in high school told you that you could not join the team because of your gender or physical appearance. Maybe your current employer is unwilling to hire anyone over the age of 40.

Both examples are types of discrimination which come in direct violation of your civil rights.

Our civil rights protect us from several types of discrimination.

Employment Discrimination

An employer cannot legally discriminate against you based on:

However, this does not stop employers from discriminating against potential employees and current employees.

Police and Law Enforcement

Discrimination is also present in the police force. Wrongful convictions and arrests generally result from racial profiling, which is illegal. Police brutality, while jailed or imprisoned, is also illegal and is grounds for a trial.

If you feel that your civil rights have been violated, or that you have been discriminated against, you should contact an attorney right away.

Civil rights attorneys have specialized in defending those who have been wrongly accused of crimes as a result of prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination.

Civil Liberties Attorneys

Both civil rights and civil liberties act to ensure that all citizens have an equal opportunity to pursue happiness. When an employer, police officer, or other authority figure decides to violate those rights and liberties, they are breaking Federal law.

The Bill of Rights clearly states our rights and freedoms. The first step to recognizing civil liberty injustices is to become familiar with these ten amendments. They include:

  • Freedom of religion and speech.
  • The right to assemble and petition the government.
  • The right to be safe from unreasonable search and seizure.
  • The right to due process.
  • The right to an impartial trial with an impartial jury.
  • The right to be free from excessive fines, and cruel or unusual punishments.

These are not all our civil rights.

But they are some of the most challenged. Peaceful protesters occasionally get arrested, which is a violation of our right to assemble and petition the government. Police may only search vehicles that belong to a certain racial profile, which is a violation of the right to be safe from unreasonable search.

In cases of wrongful arrest or conviction, it may be difficult to quell the anger and frustration the bubbles up. But doing so may just save your case. If you can remain calm and polite, and obey the instructions of the officer in charge, you are far more likely to have a stronger case against the arresting officer.

Discrimination is also considered to be a violation of civil rights. If you feel that you are the victim of discrimination, a civil liberties attorney can assist you in building a case against the perpetrator.

As with most claims and cases, it is in your best interest to file immediately after an incident has occurred. Depending on the state in which the crime occurred, and the crime itself, the statute of limitations may make your case void.

It is always best to seek action promptly.

Prison Rights Attorneys

Though the rights and privileges of prisoners are not the same as those living freely, it does not mean that prisoners are without civil liberties. When an individual is jailed or imprisoned, the government takes responsibility for that individual’s health and well-being.

If a family member or loved one has died as the result of negligence or physical abuse while imprisoned, the government, and the individuals involved in the death, are responsible.

Should you find yourself imprisoned in an abusive or neglectful environment, do not hesitate to seek outside help. Inmates are not without rights, including the right to be safe from cruel or unusual punishment. While you are serving time for a crime, you should not be doubly punished.

Hutchison & Stoy, PLLC are eager to help. Their prison rights attorneys are knowledgeable, experienced, and voracious.

Jail abuse and neglect takes many forms and defining it can be challenging. However, it is the responsibility of the guards, warden, and other prison personnel to keep all prisoners healthy and safe from harm. Allowing a prisoner to get assaulted by others is a form of jail abuse. Allowing a prisoner to go without medical care, when they are obviously very ill, is neglect.

None of these practices are legal. Please call a trustworthy attorney right away if you suspect that you or a loved one may be suffering from prison rights violations. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation and can offer you valuable advice concerning your case.

Civil Rights Attorneys Against Police Misconduct

It is your civil right to be safe from police misconduct. This seems like an obvious statement, especially when you consider that American police officers take a vow to protect and serve the public.

However, not all police are entirely wholesome, friendly, and helpful. Some police officers commit terrible crimes.

Police misconduct ranges in severity, but the effects on the victims are always traumatic.

Who can you trust if not your local police?

Examples of police misconduct include:

  • Dishonesty and false statements.
  • Torture in the attempt to force a confession.
  • Brutality without just cause.
  • Sexual assault as a means of punishment.

Police officers are entrusted with a sacred duty. When they commit acts or crimes that directly violate that duty to protect and serve, they are guilty of police misconduct.

Should you ever encounter a police officer that is being unduly hostile, be sure to get his or her badge number, name, and license plate number. If the officer refuses to provide this information, you can choose to inform the officer that you are taking their picture. If the officer refuses to allow this, or if they take your device away, you can still seek legal action.

The attorneys at Hutchison & Stoy have an abundance of experience when it comes to fighting for civil liberties. If you are wrongfully arrested or convicted, or the victim of police misconduct, contact one of their adept attorneys right away.

How Much Does a Civil Rights Attorney Cost? (Free Consultation)

One of the biggest factors that causes people to shy away from seeking legal counsel, is the prospective cost. Those with low incomes, poor educational backgrounds, or previous convictions are often under the impression that they are without reasonable legal representation.

Fortunately, this is a complete misconception and is entirely untrue.

Most civil rights attorneys either charge by the hour, or via contingency. Going to court increases the overall cost of hiring an attorney, but it may be the only way to try your case and prove your innocence properly.

It can be expensive to hire a civil rights lawyer that requires hourly pay, but a lawyer that works based on contingency is far easier to manage, financially speaking.

This is because a contingency plan pays out only after your case has concluded. The attorney will receive a percentage of the settlement, leaving you free to live your life without an aggravating amount of legal fees to pay back.

Often, attorneys will adjust their rates depending on the income and needs of their client. Perhaps you feel that you are unable to afford an attorney. You may be able to find one that is willing to work pro bono, or without charge.

Many experienced and passionate attorneys offer this service to low-income clients with a strong claim or case.

Before you hang your head and admit defeat, do your research. Find ten lawyers in your area that have chosen to specialize in civil liberties cases. Write down their names and telephone numbers.

Most attorneys are willing to perform an initial consultation with you, free of charge.

In this first meeting, it’s important to ask questions about the attorney’s education background and case history. You should also ask them how long they’ve been practicing and what their fees and costs entail.

Luckily, Texans can always turn to Hutchison & Stoy.

Our firm offers a free case evaluation service, allowing you to express your needs and concerns quickly and concisely, all without spending a dime!

Hutchison & Stoy services will remain 100% free until your case is won, and their offices are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.