Labor and Employment

The Fort Worth labor and employment law attorneys at Stoy Law Group, PLLC stand up to wrongdoings in the workplace.  Our attorneys champion the victims of employees who have bared the wrongs of their at fault employers.

Employment and labor law encompasses a wide rage of issues.   The major areas of labor and employment litigation include, but are not limited to: Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Retaliation, Fair Pay and Fair Labor Standards Act Violations, Leave, Breach of Contract, and Governmental Employment / Whistleblower.  Each major area of labor and employment litigation has many subsets.  Please select the specific area of labor and employment law affecting you.  If you do not see an area listed directly on point with your issue, please contact us for additional information.

Labor Law

Discrimination and Harassment

Employment discrimination can take place in many shapes and forms.  Employers can violate Texas and Federal discrimination laws under the following protected categories:

National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”)

Fair Pay / Fair Labor and Standards Act Violations

As a general rule, employees are entitled to compensation for the work and labor they perform for their employers.  Often times, employers attempt to get work for free or for unfair pay.  This can constitute a violation of the law.  FLSA and Fair Pay Violations can occur under the following circumstances.


Sometimes in life, situations outside our control create a need for us to take a leave of absence from work.   This is not often something we want to do, but something we must do.  Accordingly, an employee should not be punished for taking leave to handle life’s unpredictable problems.  An employer’s actions in relation to its employee’s leave can violate the law in some of the following ways:


Employment Retaliation is generally defined as an adverse action taken by an employer because an employee reported some type of employment law violation.  Retaliation in Texas can occur in the following areas:

Government Jobs

Governmental employees like those of the private sector are provided protection as well.  The lawyers at Stoy Law Group, PLLC have helped governmental employees in the following areas:

Breach of Contract

Some employees work under employment contracts.  An employment contract, like any other type of contract is generally binding on the parties who entered into the contract.  Often times, employers will fail to comply with the terms of the employment contract in hopes that the employee will just walk away.  Don’t fall victim to this ploy.  Contact the Fort Worth contract employment lawyers at Stoy Law Group, PLLC, PLLC for a free case evaluation today.

Losing your job is devastating, particularly when it is through no fault of your own.  Suddenly, you have no income and no way to support your family.  Oftentimes, the employer even fights you on receiving unemployment benefits.  You feel mad, helpless and even humiliated.  We understand those feelings.  We can help you through the administrative process that is necessary before filing suit, sue the ex-employer and tell your story to a jury.  Contact the Fort Worth labor and employment lawyers at Stoy Law Group, PLLC today for a free case evaluation.

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