When to hire a car wreck attorney

When to Hire an Attorney after a Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident, you probably have many thoughts going through your mind. Some of these thoughts could revolve around whether you should hire an attorney to represent you. You should take time right after an accident to take care of your immediate needs. These include seeking medical attention if need be.

After your immediate needs are met, you should consider if you need to hire an attorney to assist you in securing compensation for your injuries. There are a number of factors that you should consider when determining whether you should hire an attorney. Each of these factors are discussed below, and more information about what to do after a car wreck can be found throughout our website. 

The severity of your injury

The first thing to consider in determining whether you need to hire a car accident lawyer is what harm you sustained. This includes harm in the form of physical injury, damage to property, and any other out of pocket expense you may suffer as a result to the accident.

After you’ve determined the type of harm you have sustained, you should assess the degree of harm. Ask yourself how much money your medical bills are going to cost, how much money is it going to cost to repair your car, and whether you may have suffered a long-term or permanent injury because of the accident.

If your out of pocket expenses were only $1000 and the insurance company has already offered $2000 you may not need a personal injury lawyer.

However, if you suffered a severe injury because of a car accident, you should consider hiring an attorney to represent you. There are two main reasons for this conclusion. First, the more severe your injury is the harder the insurance company will fight against your claim of recovery. An attorney can assist you fighting back against the insurance company.

In addition, long-term injuries are hard to prove, and often it is hard to tell how a long-term injury will affect a plaintiff’s quality of life. If you have suffered a long-term injury, you may not be able to work for a long period. When damages start to stack up it is easy for a plaintiff to get lost in the numbers.

An attorney can assist you by developing a strategy to ensure that all of your injuries are accounted for. The attorney will be able to obtain medical records and consult with expert witnesses to prove that your injury deserves a large amount of compensation.

Pressure from the Insurance Company to Settle

Often insurance companies will try to settle plaintiff’s claims quickly. Insurance companies are notorious for attempting to escape liability by offering small settlements. Hiring an attorney is a good option when the insurance company refuses to offer a settlement that covers all the damage that you incurred because of the defendant’s action.

An experienced attorney can use their expertise against the insurance company to assist you. For example, the attorney can utilize a Stowers demand to ensure that the compensation that you receive is adequate.

Refusal to Accept Liability

Insurance companies will often claim their policyholder was not at fault for the plaintiff’s injury. If the insurance company insists that its policyholder was not at fault for a car accident, a plaintiff can struggle to prove that the company should pay for the plaintiff’s damages. You should also consider hiring an attorney if the other party is asserting that you were at fault for the accident.

A jury trial may be necessary when insurance companies refuse to accept liability. Attorneys know the procedure of how to file lawsuits and proceed through litigation. Attorneys can use their knowledge of the law to help plaintiffs meet their burden of proof in a civil case.

It is important that you meet your burden of proof because if you do not meet your burden you will not be able to receive any compensation from the insurance company.

The level of Stress the Plaintiff is facing

Insurance Companies may attempt to take advantage of the Plaintiff’s stress. For instance, insurance companies may attempt to settle cases immediately following an accident because the insurance company knows a plaintiff may accept an offer to settle if the plaintiff is stressed.

If you feel like the insurance company is attempting to take advantage of you due to a stressful situation you may need to hire a lawyer. An attorney can take some of the stress away from the plaintiff.

If the insurance company has offered to settle your claim, you should still consider talking to a lawyer. If you accept an offer to settle, you permanently lose your ability to sue. You should talk to a lawyer about your settlement options so you will be able to understand the implications of accepting an offer to settle.

Questions about the Validity of your Claim

The law is often complex and complicated. Due to the complex nature of the law, it is common for a plaintiff to be unsure about the validity of their claim. If you are unsure about the validity of your claim against an insurance company, you should consider going to meet an attorney for a consultation.

This will allow you to obtain more information about what you should do next. Attending a free consultation or getting a free case evaluation from a lawyer will give you a sense of the lawyer’s experience, knowledge, skill level, and fee structure. It will also allow you to determine if an attorney is necessary. And ultimately it will allow you to feel comfortable with your decision to hire an attorney.

The Statute of Limitations is approaching

Once an injury has occurred, the statute of limitations begins. Generally, the statute of limitations is between one to two years. If you do not file your case within this period, you will not be able to bring a lawsuit against the defendant. And any pending settlement offers from the insurance company will be withdrawn after the statute of limitations. If the statute of limitations on your claim is about to expire you should consider hiring an attorney to ensure that you protect your claim.

Summary: When Should You Hire an Attorney?

Ultimately, the decision of whether to hire an attorney is up to you. You should consider hiring an attorney if your injury is severe if you are facing pressure from an insurance company if the insurance company refuses to accept liability if you find yourself in a stressful situation, if you have questions about the validity of your claim, or if the statute of limitations is approaching.