Car Accident Insurance Adjuster

What you need to know about Insurance Adjusters after a Car Accident

What is an Insurance Adjuster?

An insurance adjuster is an employee of an insurance company whose job is to review the details of the car accident and determine the insurance company’s liability. In order to do this the adjustor will review the insurance claim by conducting interviews with the claimant and any possible witness to the accident. The adjustor will also review the claimant’s medical records, and consult with the police report.

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How car insurance works

How Car Insurance Works

If you’ve recently been involved in a wreck, you’re probably wondering how car insurance works.  Either you’ve paid for insurance for years and now you finally need to use it, or you want to know about the insurance for the person who caused the wreck and your personal injuries.  You’ve come to the right place.  Below, we have provided you with the Guide to Insurance.  This guide is applicable regardless of whether you’re here about a motorcycle wreck, car wreck, truck wreck, or any other type of personal injury claim.

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insurance company after a wreck

Should I Talk to my Insurer after a Car Wreck?

You are driving down the road minding your own business and out of nowhere a car hits you. You have a surge of emotions because you are hurt and emotionally upset.  What do you do next? Usually, the first thing people want to know is should I talk to the insurance company after a wreck.  Well, that depends.

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Accident Subrogation

Subrogation in Car and Truck Accidents

Why do Insurance Companies Seek Subrogation?

Insurance companies see subrogation as a source of revenue. This revenue has become a necessity in recent years because premiums have been lowered because of market pressure. You should understand the basics of subrogation because subrogation clauses are common in most car insurance policies.
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