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As humans, we all make mistakes. Sometimes, these mistakes can lead to the injuries of other people, or sometimes, these injuries can be caused by negligence or choice. It can hurt emotionally as well as physically when someone else’s negligence or bad decisions cause harm to you. Why would you pay for damages caused to you by someone else’s carelessness or negligence? It’s your call to make but when these type life-changing matters affect you, it’s serious.

When it’s serious, call Hutchison & Stoy.

Hutchison & Stoy has been practicing personal injury and employment law for years in Texas and are headquartered in Fort Worth.

We are now expanding our practice area in order to benefit the people of Lubbock, the South Plains as well as Eastern New Mexico and the Oklahoma panhandle. We will bring our years of expertise in personal injury law to you, and to those who need it most.

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How Can We Help?

Did you miss work?

Suffer property damage?

Suffer lingering pain and emotional distress?

Shock and worry over how you will ever pay these exorbitant medical bills?

You are not alone!

The Lubbock personal injury lawyers on our team will help you stand up to any tortfeasors who commit wrongdoings that cause injury to you, whether in the workplace or otherwise. Our goal is to give voice and retribution to those who have been wronged by no fault of their own.

Insurance companies typically handle personal injury claims, but you will often need the support of experienced Lubbock personal injury lawyers or attorneys to get full compensation. Our Lubbock lawyers will work hard to get you every cent that you deserve for what’s happened to you, regardless of circumstances.

A typical insurance adjuster’s method of handling it involves a phone call where he or she asks how are you?

You say, “I’m fine.”

The truth is you are not fine, but there it is, you said it on a recorded line. Sure you intended it as a greeting, but it will come back to bite you in the end. We don’t play games. We are serious master craftsmen in the law and areas of personal injury. When it’s serious, call Hutchison & Stoy.

We will help you navigate the different areas of personal injury, and we’ll provide clarity on any issues where you may have questions. We’re always happy to answer any inquiry you might have regarding your serious legal matter. Give us a call, you will be glad you did!

What Is Personal Injury and Employment?

Personal injury claims cover a wide range of areas, and they usually involve the negligence of another person or party. Sometimes, this can coincide with employment, but not always. A boss making their employees work under unsafe conditions would be considered as negligent as distracted driving would be.

Today we have a rash of road rage, driver’s texting, and high-speed collisions. There are serious, life-threatening actions. Take them seriously, and call us.

Likewise, employment settlements don’t need to coincide with personal injury; things like discrimination, harassment, and breach of contract also fall under employment-related categories.

Were you passed over for a promotion you are clearly qualified to hold?

Were you fired because of your religious beliefs?

Were you pushed out of your job by hostile work environment due to your age?

Discrimination and retaliation are serious matters. If you are suffering from this type of work environment or you are not receiving the benefits or promises given you by your employer, our Lubbock employment lawyers can help.

There are many different categories of personal injury, among them things like birthing injuries, medical malpractice, oil field injury, semi-truck accident, and slip-and-fall injury. Less common but very actionable are DWI deaths, injuries sustained from an assault and battery,  property or premises liability claims. We also handle civil rights claims of all types including excessive force, discrimination, and harassment.

Any time you’re injured and someone else is responsible, a case can be made for a personal injury lawsuit.

While small injuries on the part of someone else may not always seem worth pursuing, any damage that causes adverse changes in your life, such as medical bills or work leave, should be looked into by Lubbock personal injury lawyers. Likewise, our Lubbock employment lawyers or our Lubbock attorneys can help with similar issues in the workplace.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury cases can come out of many circumstances. You could be doing something routine that you do every day, like driving to work, or you could be working a dangerous oil field job, but both cases deserve the same amount of care and attention. Our Lubbock lawyers are dedicated to providing that for you.

Different personal injury cases require different quantities of effort on behalf of you and the legal team; no two cases are the same. As such, we’re selective about the cases we choose to represent.

We do not take all cases that inquire. This does not mean that you have a bad case, it just might not be the right fit for our firm. Help us help you, document, document and again document.

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

Every year in the US, millions of people get into car wrecks, whether these crashes are from negligence or a total accident. As such, insurance companies are used to dealing with claims of this type. Without a doubt, insurance companies will offer you a claim that’s much less than what you should be getting; they will always try to cut their own costs as much as possible. Insurance companies are in business to make huge profits.

They profit by premiums exceeding claims paid.

If you want to get the best settlement for your motor vehicle accident, it’s essential to hire experienced Lubbock car accident attorneys or truck accident lawyers to represent you. Our Lubbock lawyers will look at your entire case, help you figure out the settlement that you truly deserve, and do everything they can to get it for you.

When you’re in an accident, regardless of whether it was in a motor vehicle, as a pedestrian, otherwise, many parts of your own life can be uprooted in the process. Injuries from a crash or accident can affect your ability to work, costing you thousands of dollars, and that’s on top of medical bills!

If you want to reach a settlement to cover costs related to a motor vehicle accident, make sure to try and document as much of the event as you can, and contact our experienced Lubbock car accident lawyers early on. A catastrophic accident can be shocking, especially if deaths or traumatic injuries are involved, but documenting the event with notes or pictures will help your lawyer do their best job later!

Oilfield Accidents

Working in an oilfield can be a fundamentally dangerous job. As such, your employer should have extensive safety precautions in place to prevent or mitigate the dangers that employees face, but sometimes, mistakes and negligence happen.

An experienced oil field injury attorney, like the ones on our legal team, can help you get the money you deserve to cover any injuries or mishaps that develop.

To make matters worse, oil field employers have a habit of cutting safety corners during economic booms. When fossil fuels are in demand, it can be very tempting to cut back on safety protocols to drill faster and make more money. However, these unsafe practices are exactly why oil drilling is such a dangerous job.

We’re here to make sure that you feel safe in your job, no matter how dangerous it might seem if rules aren’t followed. We believe that you should feel secure reporting safety breaches or unsafe practices without having to face retaliation from your employer. After all, by making your workplace safer, you’re protecting your life and the lives of those around you.

If the safety precautions in the workplace fail or aren’t followed and you experience disease, injury, or death of a loved one as a result, you deserve compensation.

However, you may not get the full amount you need without the help of experienced, competent Lubbock employment lawyers.

Wrongful Death

Anytime someone close to you experiences an early or tragic death, it can uproot many different aspects of your life. When a child, spouse, or parent dies, you may need to take time off work for emotional healing or to get finances and affairs in order. Things like this, in addition to funeral arrangements and other costs, can quickly add up.

However, emotional pain and trauma can be hard to define, especially from a legal standpoint.

How can one determine how much your emotional pain is worth by a sum of money?

It’s not easy, and everyone’s case differs, but our Lubbock attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you get what you need to get through your difficult time.

We’re not only concerned with getting our clients the legal representation and compensation they need. We’re also committed to helping out clients get closure and counseling. A trial, for example, is a wonderful source of closure for many who have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one.

Unfortunately, not all deaths can be pursued in this way.

However, even though it may be the thing you least want to do, it’s essential to look into hiring a wrongful death attorney to see what your options are.

Other Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases don’t need to be limited to the topics we mentioned above. Like we stated early on, a personal injury case can be made whenever someone’s been wrongly injured by the actions of someone or something else. This extends to things like malfunctioning products, improper adherence to safety procedures, inadequate warning of hazardous conditions, negligence of any kind, and many other scenarios.

Slip and fall accidents, for example, can occur when a warning is not provided in a dangerous or slippery area.

The wet floor sign is the classic symbol of a slip-and-fall case, but this can apply to things like icy conditions, unsecured flooring, bad visibility, or items that are a tripping hazard, like wires and cords.

However, when a company or other entity is at fault for a personal injury case, such as slip and fall, they will do everything they can to prove that they were not responsible for the danger. Most likely, they will make use of legal assistance to defend their case, as well.

As such, if you want to reach your most favorable outcome against them, it’s crucial to have legal aid on your side that’s just as knowledgeable.

Employment Attorneys

If you’ve been treated wrongfully in any way in your workplace, you might feel like there’s no way out. After all, your employer is the one in control of your paycheck, and as such, your livelihood. That’s why our lawyers are here to help. We will get you the representation you deserve and the compensation necessary to offset any monetary, time, or health losses you experience from your case.

With an experienced employment lawyer on your side, you’ll be able to get the benefits you deserve without compromising your work, position, or history. It’s the goal of our lawyers to help you feel secure, safe, and happy at your workplace of choice, in addition to compensating you for the trouble your place of employment caused.

Suing Your Employer

Despite our best efforts, some organizations or people will always engage in illegal or ill-advised practices, and sometimes innocent employees can be caught up in these happenings. We’re here to make sure you can defend yourself when you get caught up in a situation that you don’t feel like you can say “no” to.

You should never feel pressured to do something illegal or unsafe by your employer, regardless of threats of consequences. When this happens, it is generally referred to as retaliation from a legal standpoint.

If you have personal injury insurance, it will often cover the repercussions of an employer-related issue, but suing your employer for damages is also an equally valid course of action. Sometimes, you may want to pursue both avenues together, or sometimes one channel or the other is better.

When your personal injury insurance does not cover all the damages caused by employer-related negligence, for example, you may be able to cover the remainder by filing a complaint with your employer.

Common reasons to sue an employer are for harassment (regular and sexual), discrimination of many types, violations of the law, and breaches of contract. As we mentioned above, threats of employer retaliation are a common area of contention, too.

Harassment is when an employer or coworker in the workplace creates an environment that is intimidating, hostile or offensive to the employee in question. Your workplace is required to provide you with an environment that is conducive to work, and if this isn’t the case, you have a right to say so. Hiring an experienced harassment lawyer or discrimination lawyer can make all the difference for a case like this.

Whistleblowing Attorneys

Whistleblowing is a very special category that we believe should be treated with the utmost care. You should be able to report the malpractice and dishonesty of others whenever it’s prudent or right to do so, but Texas’ laws regarding whistleblowing itself are complex. In Lubbock, your protections as a whistleblower are much lower than those in other states.

Looking out for the safety of your fellow employees and the people who you serve is noble and admirable, and you should not be punished for doing what’s right. However, it’s best not to try navigating whistleblowing laws alone. These laws in Texas work to the benefit of the organization in many cases, not the whistleblower.

As such, you should discuss your options and the course of action you’ll most want to take with an experienced professional before you take any action. We provide free consultations, so please give us a call! When life takes hold of you and shakes you up, we fight back. When someone commits a wrong against us that shakes us up, we can legally fight back.

When you sustain life-threatening injuries, you call 911 for medical attention. Here at Hutchison & Stoy, we are your LEGAL 911.

When it’s serious, call us at (806) 491-4911 Your Legal 911 hotline.