Lubbock Employment Lawyers

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace is far from humorous, and it should be treated with the utmost sincerity and seriousness. The same is true of unsafe working environments and conditions. With a new office in Lubbock, the good folks of Hutchison & Stoy are prepared to assist you with a range of issues related to labor and employment claims and cases.

You may feel tempted to ignore your employer’s harsh words, unfair treatment, or threats. Perhaps you silently suffer through your mistreatment, fearful that you would be unable to find another job if you were to act. It is important to remember that employers may not always have your best interests in mind, and they may be relying on your fear and silence to continue their illegal harassment and activity.

If you feel that your employer has wronged you, it is important to take immediate action. Prolonged harassment, unsafe conditions, or unpaid wages can result in significant mental, emotional, or even physical harm. The fear of retaliation on the part of your employer should in no way influence your decision. You have rights.

The attorneys at Hutchison & Stoy are determined to help you protect those rights. You may feel confused or unsure, and a free case evaluation can help clear up any doubts or misconceptions.

Employment Attorneys

It can be difficult to approach a labor or employment attorney, especially if you have a longstanding relationship with your employer. Feelings of shame, embarrassment, or disloyalty are common. However, if you suspect your employer of illegal or harmful activity, it’s vital to contact an attorney right away.

Though you may not be the direct victim of your employer’s harassment, it is important to speak out for others who may not have the courage or the means to speak for themselves. Your employer may soon turn their aggression, inappropriate comments or touching, or threats toward you. In such cases, it can feel impossible to fight back. You may fear that you will lose your job or become the victim of direct retaliation by your employer.

Unfortunately, fear is a great way to control others. Many unscrupulous employers will use this fear to continue their unsafe and illegal ways. The labor and employment attorneys of Hutchison & Stoy are prepared to fight on behalf of those who have suffered from:

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Prejudice and discrimination in the workplace
  • Unpaid wages
  • Breaches of contract
  • Employer threats or retaliation
  • Vacation/Sick time and leave violations

Discrimination Attorney in Lubbock

Before taking your case to an attorney, it’s important to be aware of the many types of labor discrimination that are illegal in the state of Texas.

An employer cannot discriminate against you based on your age, religion, sexual orientation, race, gender, disability, national origin, or pregnancy. This rule only applies if your employer has fifteen or more workers in their employment.

If you have the proper amount of experience and education, an employer cannot refuse to hire you, or decide to fire you, based on the factors stated above. But because we do not live in a perfect world, employer discrimination happens, and will continue to happen.

If you are unaware of your rights, you may feel that you have been discriminated against, but be unable to voice how or why correctly.  Once you have a better understanding of how and why an employer may choose to discriminate against you, you can take your case to an experienced attorney.

While it’s disheartening and frustrating to be the victim of such discrimination, it’s important to do the right thing and protect your rights. Taking the time to decide whether to act can hurt your case. It is vital that you act swiftly.

Under Texas law, an employee as 180 days to file a discrimination claim against their employer. If you file your paperwork in a timely manner, and correctly, you may be granted the right to sue your employer. An attorney can answer your questions and assist in the filing process.

Harassment Attorneys

Workplace harassment can take many forms. Unkind and unwelcome comments about your appearance, insults or threats, racial slurs, and obscenities are all forms of harassment.

If your employer tells you that they are simply making a joke or an observation, they are attempting to defend their disrespect. Do not let them. It is your right to feel respected as an employee.

Should this type of behavior become physical, it is especially important to contact a legal advisor immediately. Sexual harassment is intolerable and can be severely damaging to the wellbeing of any person.

Example of sexual harassment include:

  • Undesired jokes of a sexual nature.
  • Unwelcome sexual advances.
  • Inappropriate physical contact or touching.
  • Workplace gossip about an employee’s sex life or sexual conduct.
  • Unwanted requests for sexual favors.

The victim of such harassment is often made to feel helpless. Sexual harassment in the workplace is not only illegal, but it is also a violation of your essential human rights. Employers or coworkers who engage in this type of behavior often continue to do so unless punished, reprimanded, or fired.

Any employer who allows such conduct should be viewed with suspicion and caution. If you find yourself dealing with any form of harassment, either from your employer or coworkers, do not hesitate to contact a harassment attorney.

The sooner you do, the sooner you can gain back your security and your personal safety. The Lubbock employment attorneys at Hutchison & Stoy are experienced, patient, and eager to help you fight for the respect you deserve.

Labor Attorney in Lubbock

In addition to handling cases of discrimination and harassment, a labor attorney can also assist you in dealing with unpaid wages, unemployment, unequal pay, and much more.

The Fair Labor Standards Act creates a clear set of standards that all Texas employers must adhere to. These standards help to ensure that all employees receive fair wages and the correct amount of overtime pay.

If an employer asks you to work off-the-clock, for free, or for an unfair wage, they may be in direct violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you feel that your employee has not paid you the full amount of your wages or overtime pay, you need to contact a labor attorney.

The Family and Medical Leave Act, also known as FMLA, protects those who need to take leave from work for medical reasons, including pregnancy. Employees who qualify can take up to twelve weeks off from work in order to seek treatment.

As such, it is illegal for an employer to fire, penalize, or threaten an employee for taking advantage of their FMLA rights. If you feel that your employer has violated those rights, Hutchison & Stoy can provide you with a qualified FMLA attorney who can handle your case.

No matter the nature of your labor or employment case, it is vital that you seek legal counsel quickly. The Hutchison & Stoy Lubbock office is easy to reach, either by phone, computer, or car. These helpful, experienced attorneys can evaluate your case, free of charge, and contact you with further legal advice.

Don’t become a victim of workplace abuse or unfairness! With the right attorney, you can protect yourself from further harm, and begin the process of getting your life back on track.